Capture Online – the free photo course hosted by The Photography Show this week

Starting December 16, The Photography Show will offer a series of free online sessions led by professional photographers, each with their own area of ​​expertise. The Capture Online series kicks off with Dominique Shaw of York Place Studio sharing tips on capturing candid family moments this Christmas.

the the free session will start at 7:30 p.m. (GMT) and will last 30 minutes followed by a short Q&A with Dominique herself. During the seminar, Dominique will discuss her top tips and techniques for capturing those sacred family moments without worrying too much about getting the perfect shot.

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Studio York Place is a multi-award-winning photography studio renowned for blurring the lines between traditional documentary wedding photography and street photography. Dominique’s approach to photography is to celebrate personalities, relationships and individuality. She has a natural ability to capture humor and connection, so it’s no surprise that children and families are a regular theme in her work. Christmas is a time when the whole family can come together (Covid allows), so now is a great time to pull out your camera and start taking photos.

Before the conference, Dominique shared with us some tips that she thinks are very important to remember when taking family photos at Christmas. Her first tip is to make sure that you don’t just take photos of the Christmas activities themselves, but rather see them as opportunities to photograph the relationships, dynamics, and individual personalities of your family.

The second tip is to remember that imperfections are perfect. Don’t worry about making sure everything is perfect before you take out your camera, amazing moments and memories happen when you least expect them, so don’t miss them because your camera settings aren’t. correct or because some people are not. looking at.

This is just the first episode of what promises to be an informative and insightful series and best of all it’s free! We haven’t been told too much about what The Photography Show has up its sleeve, but we’re sure that over the next nine months there will be a session that everyone will enjoy.

If you want to brush up on your photography skills and want to capture some beautiful images this Christmas, you can register to see the first session on demand at The Salon de la Photographie website and fill out the form. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and with Dominique’s help you will be able to capture all the magic.

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