Wood Floor Motifs are Unique and Interesting

SINCE first, wood is believed as one of choice of flooring material besides ceramic and marble. Although not popular as ceramic wood flooring prices are more affordable, but the wood floor is still in great demand. This is evidenced by the increasingly diverse innovations of wooden floor motifs are unique and interesting. Here are some references.

Motif Parquet Wood Mahogany

Parquet is a type of patterned floor. While mahogany is a material used in displaying the style. Parquet mahogany becomes one of wood floor motif choice because it uses solid original material and does not contain mixture of wood or particle powder.

Motif parquet wood mahogany there are 2 kinds. The first is Mahogany wood motif class A and class B are distinguished from its water content. Nevertheless, both the quality of the floor with the motive is very high as it passes the international standardization process by compressing the water content up to 12% only.

There are 3 excess motifs of mahogany wood. First, because the water content is limited then the floor is more durable than the attack of mold and termites. Second, the subtle fiber motif with dark brown or red brick accents will maximize the view. Third, its texture as solid wood that can be sanded multiple times will allow this material to be very smooth and warmer for a family atmosphere.

Oak Wood Flooring Motif

Oak wood has a major advantage in terms of relatively affordable prices. Motif, the fiber is more subtle than mahogany wood parquet motif. The colors tend to be lighter and the texture is different. The difference in the texture of wooden floor motifs of Oak with mahogany is more rough in terms of its surface. The roughness makes flooring with Oak flooring motifs should be used as a foundation or base of carpet or the like. So the rough part is not directly about the sole of the foot, especially if inside the house there are children – children. If you want to buy Oak wood floor you can visit finest european mountain oak.